We need Moggy Helpers
    Help promote MyMoggy.com in your area by printing out and taking a MyMoggy Poster with you next time you visit your vet ?

    The more people we have visiting the site in Your area, the faster the lost cats come home
    Would you like to help by forwarding posters to your contacts list - if so, we would add your email address to a list for your area - please send us your postcode contact MyMoggy
    We would like to compile a list for each area of those special people who would be prepared to lend a little support to owners of lost cats.
    Could you spare a little time here and there to help a lost cat's human to post leaflets, or to give a little phone support, maybe to scan a photo or just to let an owner know that you are close by and willing to lookout for their cat.
    Please contact MyMoggy
    Now and again, we will get a report of a cat that has been found & desperately needs to be taken in until space is found at a local shelter.
    We would like to hear from you.
  • Or could you look after someones pet while they are in hospital ?
    Please contact MyMoggy
    If you know of anyone local to you who would possibly be willing to offer discount if referred to by 'MyMoggy' we'd like to hear about them - for example
  • Printers who would offer discount on fliers
  • Joiners who would offer discount on fitting catflaps
  • Photographers offering discount on Pet ID Photo's
  • Microchipping  ?
    All these people would get a link to their business from the MyMoggy pages
  • Any more suggestions ?
    Please contact MyMoggy

Local Phone numbers - when losing a cat , one will naturally have made a list of local contact phone numbers. We need these, would you like to donate yours.

Clean, good quality equipment is needed in the FY postal area - if you have anything that is no longer needed - contact MyMoggy
*ALL VETS - We need a contact email address for the purpose of sending Lost & Found Posters of your area - to your surgery. contact
*Could we ask all Vets / Nurses to make sure that cats are securely fastened in their carriers before leaving the premises - cats escaping from carriers on leaving are becoming all too common

There are a lot of people out there that work independently of any organisation but nevertheless do a lot of good work with stray and rescue cats.
These people do not have the backing of  charity status, therefore do not receive funding , any costs incurred by them are met by themselves.
MyMoggy would like to help them by purchasing microchip scanners, in the hopes that a lot more lost and stray cats may find their way home before having to be supported by a local animal rescue shelter.

Please donate a couple or more pounds

by Paypal

or by asking for my address in order to donate by cheque