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Pet Safety -  Photo's - Collar + ID - Photo's - Neuter - Photo's - Microchip - More Photo's.
  • From the time you become the proud 'Mum' or 'Dad' of a new pet, make it a priority to take Plenty of Photographs. 
    Make sure they are up to date by taking more photo's at least every couple of months.
    They will need to be good enough for advertising & to leave no doubt of identification if the worst should happen.
  • Microchipping is of the utmost importance even if your cat is a house cat.
    It is also most important that you keep your contact record up to date with the microchip company - notify them immediately you change address or phone numbers. You may want to also ensure that they know that under no circumstances are the ownership details to be altered without your written permission, this is for the worst case scenario of your pet being stolen.   Read the Small Print on the Back of your forms & if you are not happy with the conditions given - Notify the company and get them changed add an extra contact to your details - maybe your vet ?
  • If you are new to the country and your pets had been chipped abroad, then register with UK databases without delay.
  • If taking out insurance for your pet - do your homework first, find out just what you are covered for eg., loss or theft & the actions taken to aid recovery.
  • Make notes of unique identifiers ie a broken tooth, a peculiar marking etc., write them down and keep them with your pets papers & photo's.
  • DNA testing is an option for identification - consult your vet about this. You may think it worth considering at this point in time, but it wouldn't hurt to take some of the hair when grooming and store it safely with your cat's name etc..
  • Keep all paperwork pertaining to your pet in a safe place, easily found if the need arises.
  • Although your pet may not be used to wearing a collar. Get a brightly coloured one for use especially when away from home - equipped with full identification. Likewise, if you are going away, and your cats are staying at home being looked after by friends or a neighbour, fit a collar for the duration complete with ID. Leave photo's and enough money for a newspaper advert in case your cat goes missing while you are away.
  • Make sure your cattery / kennels have a full set of emergency numbers & instructions and check with them that these are up to date each time the pet visits. It could also be a good idea for them to have a good photograph of your pet during his/her stay with them.
    Think carefully about the location of the cattery / kennels - if the worst scenario comes about (rare!) and your pet is lost while there, make sure the distance is convenient if you should have to make regular trips in order to search for your pet.
  • If possible let your kennels know exactly when you will be back to collect your pet also inform them if anyone else is likely to collect on your behalf. If possible leave a photo of those who are likely to be collecting him.
  • Ensure that the pets name and yours are on the carrier.
  • In the event of loss - Ensure you cover all aspects of communication. ie Word of Mouth, Newspapers , Radio, Leaflets & Posters and the Internet.
  • Check newspapers ( have them delivered for the duration), environmental health and your local rescue centres regularly when losing a pet. Please note there is no minimum length of time required for Animal Sanctuaries / Rescue Centres to advertise pets found - it has been known for a cat to be prepared for rehoming after only 3 days, although this is unusual.
  • If you lose a pet and give a mobile number as a means of contact - then please keep your phone with you, fully charged & switched on for the duration. A lot of folks do not like to leave messages if they can't get through straight away.
  • If you do happen to find a stray - be sure to take it along to a vet, or any pet rescue centre who will scan for a microchip
    There is a good chance that there will be an owner desperate to find their pet.
  • Most newspapers will place a 'Found' advertisement free of charge, please check with your local papers.
  • My Moggy will also post a 'Found' message with photo free of charge.
  • My Moggy will also welcome reports of Traffic accidents - please take note of precise location & postcode if possible. Photographs would be accepted and kept for ID purposes if you are able to take them.
  • Take more photos.
  • Before you go away, Please check your shed, greenhouse, garage and any other outbuildings - make sure that no animals are trapped in there while you are away. Ensure that all doors are closed securely.
  • Following a case of a cat that forced its way into a house via a catflap and not being able to escape - it would be an idea to leave a bowl of water down in the house and garage while you are away.