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It is always best to have your local papers delivered at least three times a week for the duration of your cat being missing.
Updates and Photo's of any cat listed here would be appreciated . If you have a camera phone, photo's can be sent to 07974 671689 or digitals to
Black cat - neutered male estimated at around 4-5 yrs old, been around the Duchess Drive area of Cleveleys for some time - nervous but friendly .
This cat is chipped & registered to the Thornton/Cleveleys area, if you think he is yours, please contact MyMoggy
'newspaper' 12.Feb.2005
All Black with White on chest, unneutered male cat, been in Chislehurst Ave area for 6 weeks, roughly 4 yrs old.
07931 545963
White and Black cat with Ginger bits. Very friendly . Marton area
01253 316407
update requested

Young Tortoise Shell cat, in Cleveleys area near the Royal Venue Pub.

01253 824213 / 07834 919622
update requested

'newspaper' 17.Feb.2005
Large Black cat, male, in Cleveleys area since 5th / 6th February
01253 825872 / 07958 222009
This is a complete male - steps are being taken to have him neutered and rehomed locally.
more later....
'newspaper' 28.Feb.2005
Very young Tortie cat aprox 3mths old. found in Greenhill area near Talbot Rd
07749 269673
Large distinctive Grey and White neutered male cat been around Stannah Stables at Thornton for a couple of weeks. Large White bib with grey patch in the centre
Contact MyMoggy
'newspaper' c.20.apr.05
Abbey Rd, Blackpool. Found Apr.17th. White & Black cat with White tip to tail. wearing red collar.
01253 882829
Layton/Brooklyn Ave area. White & Ginger male cat
07796 677910
Found near the Albert Pub on April 7th. mainly Black, small female cat.
01253 701739 / 07951 789837
'newspaper' 29th.Apr.2005
DSH found Kipling Drive Blackpool  on Saturday. Black with White face, chest & paws, male timid but very friendly been in area for a couple of weeks
01253 697882
'newspaper' 6th May.2005
2 cats 1 male 1 female, Ginger & White & one Black with half a tail. Been around Thornton area for about 3 months
01253 852332
'newspaper' 13th May.2005
Grey Tabby approx 2 yrs old in the Oxford Area
01253 696711

18th May 2005

Young semi long haired female White cat with Tabby Markings and White socks found in the Devonshire Road area by Golf Course - Distinguishing marks - touch of Tabby on the right front paw over 2 toes.
01253 392984

Found c.20th May 2005
All Black cat found in Fleetwood.
07974 671689 / 08702 501399
'newspaper' 24th May 2005
Ginger cat, Thornton Cleveleys area
01253 854542
'newspaper' 26th May 2005
Mainly white cat with Black patches and Black nose. Acton Road area
01253 765423

'newspaper' 31st May 2005

Black cat, very friendly. Bispham Road, Carleton area
01253 885283
'newspaper' 3 June 2005
Black and White Long Haired cat - No Tail - been around a few weeks
01253 348548
06 June 2005

Long Haired cat with no tail been hanging around properties in the St Annes Road area of Blackpool for some weeks now. Very nervous no one has been able to approach it.

'newspaper' 15 June 2005
Black and white cat with white belly approx 3 yrs old, very friendly, found Grange Park area
01253 390173
'newspaper' 17 June 2005
Young Black Persian with white hairs on tummy, around for the last 3 weeks
01253 294298
'newspaper' 21 June 2005
Aprox 3 weeks ago, young female Tabby, aprox 9mths old. Waterloo Road
01253 406721
'newspaper' 24 June 2005
Found Hambleton, cat with large bushy tail, White with Tabby Markings , very friendly.
01253 702196
Small female Tabby cat, 4 White socks, White muzzle and chest, with collar
01253 595175


Light Brown Persian cat, found in a distressed state, coat matted etc., found aprox 1-2 mths ago, taken all this time to get it back to good health Proof of ownership needed - if at all possible  Contact MyMoggy 08702 501399 ; 07974 671689

'newspaper' 14.July.2005
Black female, possibly a cross Persian. Thornton area
01253 868991


Plymouth Road Roundabout area . Young male Tabby Cat. Grey / Black/Brown with White paws and chest. Very friendly . Has collar
01253 310340 after 6pm
'newspaper' 19.July 2005
Small grey cat with white markings on face. Very Timid, Bedford Road area
01253 317252
'newspaper' 20.July.2005

Black and White Felix type cat with no tail. In the Marton area for about 3 weeks
01253 764165

'newspaper' 21.July.2005
Whiteside Way / West Drive area Cleveleys young female Black & White Felix cat
07887 704751
'newspaper' 26.Jul.2005
Grey Tabby, Bloomfield Road area
07888 830093
'newspaper' 27.Jul.2005
Pretty female black / white young cat about 7-12 months old, living rough in field around Cemetery Lane, Preesall Churchyard. No collar, friendly
01253 865820
An RTA, All black cat found at the bridge on Healey Road, St.Annes. No Collar.
01253 724307

Found on Highfield Road a small young unneutered cat 6-7mths old.  Black with White bib, feet and White spot on the side of his nose
01253 344396

'newspaper' 2.Aug.2005
Grey kitten looks like Siamese at back of Springfield Road. 26th Jul.05 .
07867 647306
'newspaper' 5.Aug.2005
Beach Road area, Fleetwood. Black & White female, very friendly.
01253 779054
Black Tom cat, young, been around for about 6 days, Toronto ave area
01253 591083
Young female chocolate Siamese found Highfield Road area  1st Aug.2005
01253 838181
8th Aug.2005
Torti cat living rough in garden on Whitegate Drive, quite friendly colours Ginger & Black on White
contact Nine Lives 01253 344396
'newspaper' 9th Aug.2005
Black & White elderly cat, female, found Lower Green, Poulton
01253 885522
Very young white tom cat by Poulton Swimming Baths
01253 893319
August 2005
Aprox 2-3yrs old, Pure Black male with 4 White feet chest and chin - oriental shaped eyes which are Orangey yellow 'Jeffrey' arrived at the Saracon's Head at Preesall as a stray, stayed a while but is now looking for either his Previous owner or a new home.
01253 811098

Aprox 9mths old at Preesall complete male Tabby with 4 White feet, chest and White chin, very affectionate, and although very thin , looks as though has been cared for at some time.
01253 811098

'newspaper' 17th Aug.2005
Young Black cat wearing collar, Curzon Road area.
01253 722236
Male kitten approx 10wks old, Black and White DSH, found in Fleetwood 13th Aug.05
01253 885522
young Black & White cat, Bispham area Been wandering for a while. 4 White socks, long pointed ears, no collar.
01253 500897
Ginger cat 3-5 years old, very friendly, foster home needed whilst owner located
23rd Aug.2005
Been around for a few months. unneutered Mackeral Tabby, Black/Grey (no White) , a lot of Black on on back and tail , hanging around the TVR end of Ashfield Road. Very timid & vocal has a loud trill rather than a miouw.
01253 358798
Found Carleton area, young black & white, long haired cat. Been around for about a month, very friendly.
01253 892609
'newspaper' 27th Aug.2005
Found. Black kitten, 6-8wks old, no collar, Devonshire Road area, very friendly
01253 623981
Found. Beautiful all black long haired cat, very friendly, Location unsure, found in a van that has travelled all over Fylde incl. Blackpool, Layton, Pilling & Fleetwood
01253 883708
'newspaper' 30th Aug.2005

RTA. Yeadon Way, on the approach to Hawes Side Lane, a Tabby and White cat. Still there this evening.
01253 345210

RTA. corner of Bond Street and Waterloo Road. SS. a Black & White cat, no chip. left at vets
01253 402255
RTA. Tabby cat left at vets, has the ID Tigger - available phone number discontinued ?
01253 402255
'newspaper' 3rd Sept.2005
2 Black Kittens, Hornby Road area, well cared for and friendly
07812 051663
Black and White cat - only 3 legs been around Squires Gate area for a while
07901 680395
'newspaper' 6th Sept.2005
Found on Friday behind Layton Road, Brierly Ave, a Black and White young Tom cat, no ID
01253 393350
'newspaper' 8th Sept.2005
Found Thornton Cleveleys area, grey cat.
Tel.RSPCA Fylde 01253 873616
Black cat approx 3mths old, Carleton Crem area
01253 886786
'newspaper' 16th Sept.2005
Found Black Female cat and 2 Black and White kittens. Thornton area.
01253 869609 Becky
Sept 2005

Found at the New Thursby Rest Home, Clifton Drive North. Unaltered male Black cat with White paws, Chin and a little White around nose. Been there a week or so, is being fed but unable to offer it shelter.  Regularly chased by dogs being walked on the sandhills. Not an old cat, looks in good condition.
Update - this cat has been found to have been used as target practise with an air gun - any information about this please contact MyMoggy.

contact     email
'newspaper' 20 Sept.2005
Small Tortoise shell female cat, blue collar. Found Laidleys Walk, Fleetwood on 15th Sept.2005
01253 860346
Pure White female found Mowbray Drive area
01253 304219
'newspaper' 22 Sept. 2005

White cat with Black tail, Black spots on face, male, found in George Street area on Sept.15th.
01253 313013

Update Oct 05 - this cat is still in situe the finders are unable to take it in

'newspaper' 24 Sept. 2005
White female DSH, Brooklyn Road area. Also DSH black female, amber eyes, red collar, nursing queen.
RSPCA 01253 763991

Black & White female cat found Dickson Rd area , been around for a couple of weeks. 4 White legs, aprox 3" White band around back of neck . White chest White whisker area. Estimated at 6-8yrs old. Very Friendly
01253 291212 / 01253 890634

'newspaper' 28.Sept.2005

Brown and White kitten with gold collar, about 3mths old, found in grounds of Victoria Hospital
07919 080540
Young slim female cat, black and grey, tortie / tabby with other distinctive markings
Cats Paws 01253 760007
Brown & White Tabby, white paws, very unusual ginger marking
Cat Rescue 01253 720357
October 2005


Tabby cat, been in the area of Hornby Road Blackpool for some time.
Contact MyMoggy
no chip


White with Ginger points & Ginger Tabby tail, been in the area of Hornby Road Blackpool for some time.
Contact MyMoggy
no chip

'newspaper' 12th.October 2005
Female White Cat found North Shore area, off Dickson Road on Friday Oct.7th. May have been missing since Sept.29th
07958 724207
Young male, Black & White with Amber eyes. Found 7th Oct nr Ambulance Station area, Fleetwood

Small Tabby cat aprox 4mth old, no collar, female. Sandyhurst Road, Squires Gate area

Young small Black & White cat approx 6-8mths old. St Leonards Road, Stanley Park area
01253 765581
2 female Black cats 6mth old found 4 Oct 05. Dodgeons Close, Poulton
01253 885522
Elderly female Black and White cat in Cavendish Road
RSPCA 01253 763991
'newspaper' 15th Oct.2005

Brownish Tabby on Oakmoor Avenue, Bispham on 13.Oct.05. May have been missing for some time. Taken to Wadsworth Vets, Norbreck Road

18th Oct.2005
A neutered male Ginger cat passed on by Pearson Thompson & Callery Vets of Poulton to Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary. 
Apparently a stray that had been fed for some time by a family  (presumably living in Poulton) who then took it to be pts when moving away from the area - nothing more is known about this cat.
01253 789185
Young White & Tabby female cat found near Abbotsford Rd, Now at Cats Paws
01253 760007
Found Tabby cat, Fleetwood Road North area. Fleetwood
RSPCA Fylde 01253 873616

'newspaper' 22nd Oct.2005

Found on Oct.5th Black / Dark Brownish cat, long haired, bushy tail, White triangle on chest found Abbotsford Road area
01253 695128

Found in the Elaine Avenue area of Blackpool, this little Black & White Felix lookalike - very friendly - no chip / collar / sex unknown. Hanging around for a while now.
Contact MyMoggy
'newspaper' 25 Oct. 2005
Ginger Tabby Tom cat approx 5mths old , very friendly, wearing reflective collar . Cleveleys / Victoria Road / Tesco.
01253 853595 / 07786 330135
Black and White male cat. South Shore area
01253 408292
'newspaper' 29th Oct.2005
Tabby cat wearing Red collar - Norbreck Area
01253 854045 / RSPCA 873616
30th Oct. 2005
If anyone has lost a LH Black Kitten resembling a persian cross - we have had a report of one seen at the top end of Hornby Road nr the College For further information please contact 07903 453158
1st Nov.2005
Young Black kitten estimated at around 3mths old found Clarendon Road , St.Annes.
Finder an asthma sufferer took kitten to the Greenways Veterinary Health Centre, Lytham. The kitten will be held there until passed on to a local sanctuary.
01253 729309 / 07817 983765
Found in the area of Cocker Street Blackpool and been there for a week or so. A young unneutered Male - All Black with a sprinkling of white hairs on his chest. Wearing flourescent yellow collar with bell, no tag.
Young Ginger cat found near Stonycroft Avenue has been there several weeks now at Cats Paws
01253 760007

Found in the area of Canada Crescent, Bispham a small, fairly young SH Black female cat. Green/Yellow eyes, feint White line under chin, and very small thumbprint (flecks) of White on her chest, also has single white hairs scattered throughout her coat.  Very Friendly and in good condition been around for 2 weeks

contact 01253 315953

'newspaper' 3rd Nov.2005

Large Ginger cat found on Newhouse Road, has been around all summer, now at Cats Paws
01253 760007
'newspaper' 12th Nov.2005
young Black cat , White flash on chest , Preston New Road area, been around about 3 wks
01253 312983
'newspaper' 16th Nov.2005
found Singleton Road, Weeton, Tortoise shell , brown female cat wearing collar.
RSPCA Fylde 720658 / 762596
found Black Tom cat with white marking on chest, wearing red leather collar, Fleetwood
01253 773310
Bispham area, beige long haired cat
01253 317391
'newspaper' 18th Nov.2005

Found all Black kitten aprox 5mths, entire male, Mossom Lane / Warren Drive area
01253 355500

RTA. At the top end by B&Q of the new road 'Lytham St.Annes Way'. An all Black cat.
'newspaper' 25th Nov.2005
Russian or British Blue cat, 2yrs old. Hornby Road area
01253 621043
'newspaper' 26th Nov.2005

Small Black and White female cat, very friendly, no collar Bispham area
07875 029854

'newspaper' 28th Nov.2005
Adult female cat. Grey with some light tabby markings with white patch under mouth, house trained, Cherry Tree Road area
01253 696722
SLH Tabby male, very friendly, owner / new home needed.
Cat Rescue 01253 720357
'newspaper' 3rd Dec.2005
Been around for a few weeks. Black, only 1 eye. Promenade end of Redbank Road, Bispham
01253 354801
Persian cat found Dixon Road 18th Nov. now at Easterleigh
01253 789185
Tabby cat, white under chin, front paws and back legs, Marton Drive area
01253 763734
'newspaper' 6th Dec.2005

Youngish neutered male, white with black patches on back, all black tail, Purple collar, no tag, friendly found in Washington Court area, Bispham
01253 591149 after 4pm

'newspaper' 8th Dec.2005
Old Black cat, probably 14yrs plus, male, neutered, Red Car ave in Thornton on 29.11.05.
Animal Medical Centre 860346
White, Ginger and Grey Tom cat, St.Annes area
'newspaper' 10th Dec.2005
Elderly female Tortie cat. Found Victoria Road, Thornton
01253 860346
Lost / abandoned White / Black cat , South Shore area, seeks caring owner.

Male Tabby cat, 4 White paws and White chest found in the Lytham area
01253 739935

13th Dec.2005
SH male Kitten 4-5mths. Black with 'Felix' type face White bib, Black Chin, White tip to tail, 4 White paws, found in the Grange Road area of Layton
The lady who found this kitten is no longer able to look after him while his owners are found - a foster / permanent home is now needed
01253 301529
Young male mackeral tabby, White chest, 4 White paws. Medium build healthy looking. Found in the Tewkesbury Drive area of Lytham
01253 739935

An all White adult cat with face resembling a siamese seen in the Mere Rd / Olive Grove area of Blackpool. Hungry, grubby, fighting with local cats.
01253 440278


Long haired Black cat, faded blue collar, Royal Bank Road, friendly but very lost.
01253 765787

'newspaper' 28th Dec.2005
Tabby and White female found nr Baguleys Garden Centre Now at Cats Paws. 01253 760007
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