"I am dreadfully upset at her going missing - not knowing where she is and whether she is hurt is terrible, as I am sure others who have lost cats know. She has been my companion for 15 years.
I saw her through the birth of her two kittens, supporting her as she brought them up. Every little haunt of hers in the house, and the times in the daily routine she came and sat on my knee or next to me, or came round the garden with me, now seem that much poorer. I do hope we can find her soon."

Samantha is a very spirited cat, now getting on in years. She has a long history of mammary tumours, having had several operations to remove them and more recently receiving male hormone and steroid injections to counter a tumour which had seeded approximately two and a half years ago. Our last visit to the vet was on 7 July. She went missing overnight last March, but appeared after 24 hours. I have been keeping her and her daughter (13 years) in at night until the recent hot weather, when I felt it was too hot to keep them in the house. We have lived in this house for 13 years, and also have a black labrador who is four years old and we have had since he was a puppy.

Samantha seemed to be suffering a bit from the heat, but the night of 16/17 July when she went missing was not the first night I had let both cats come and go through the flap as they wished. Sam has been fit and well recently and appeared to want to be outside where it was cooler. The two days subsequent to her disappearance have been exceptionally hot, and I had hoped the thunder on the night of 19 July would bring her home.

I have searched the garden and immediate neighbourhood, looking on the streets for a cat hit by a car, and in the backs to the houses, which I regret to say in St Annes are dreadfully overgrown, making the task of searching for a cat very difficult. I have done this several times alone, with a walking stick to probe about in the undergrowth, and with our dog in the hope that he might sniff her out. I have asked neighbours to look for her and delivered A5 fliers around the two streets either side of us. I have also contacted Identichip and sent them a photo.

There seem to be quite a few new cats in the immediate area, and I have been sorting cupboards and books out in the house recently, but not so drastically as to upset her I think.

Please would everyone in the vicinity of St.Hilda's Road and the surrounding area
Search Garages & Sheds to ensure Samantha isn't trapped. Keep a general look out for her.
We have a POSTER available by attachment for all who are willing to help find her.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Please make those without internet access aware that this cat is missing in your area - Thankyou