Fuzzie went missing at 11am in the morning, there were builders working next door who continually left the communal gate open, we assume she went thought this gate to the front of the house, she'd always had free use of the catflap..

The dustmen came that morning and it snowed, apart from that there was nothing you could class as unusual. We lived in a very urban, terraced house, but a quiet area.

We searched for 2 years had several sightings but never found her, but continue to search even now, though we have moved to Wales.

Fuzzie was a bumptious cat who did not suffer fools gladly, fussy eater, but always loyal to us and her sister who after an initial depression took her place as head of the cat family.

We know that if she could have come home she would have but circumstances contrived against this as anything that could have gone wrong, did.

The search goes on.

f anyone knows where our Fuzz is we would like to know, we know that wherever she is she will be settled and any likelihood of her returning will be out of the question.

It would just be nice to know where she is and how she is.

We know for a fact that Fuzzie's humans are still affected by her disappearance - It is felt that she is still in the general area - if you can help by keeping an eye open for her, it would be appreciated.
We do have a POSTER available to anyone either for display or reference