Jake wandered away from home in the Bluebell Close area of Pheasants Wood, Thornton the day after Boxing Day 2004
He was seen sitting nearby by a neighbour the following Thursday but hasn't been seen since.
Although Jake is essentially an outdoor cat, he also loves his family & home comforts, and is very friendly.
Whether he has been disorientated by the high winds and bad weather around that time, or maybe it had something to do with missing his brother that died last year isn't known.

What is known is that his owner is missing him desperately and wants him home again.

Could all neighbours please check sheds and garages and keep a lookout for Jake


Update 29.Jan.2005 - There has been a possible sighting (nothing definate) in the area of Woodland Avenue, Thornton. Could all those of you living between this area and Pheasants Wood, please keep a lookout for Jake - Thankyou.