Tex went missing from Battlesbridge in Wickford,Essex (Mayphil Mobile Park) on 25th June 2004.
He went missing during the day between the hours of 6am and 6pm, it was a sunny warm day and he has been known to have got in peoples cars before and gone to sleep so I've never ruled out that possibility.

Tex is a 3yr old neutered ginger and white male, he is quite talkative and although he is affectionate once you know him I could not imagine him letting any stranger get near him let alone pick him up. He has always seemed to be especially wary of men.

Tex is quite a lean looking cat, not thin but very athletic and medium sized. His eyes are exactly the same ginger as the ginger on his coat.

He wasn't wearing a collar and wasn't chipped unfortunately. As you can see from the pictures he's more white than ginger and has "blocks" of ginger on him. His tail is stripey though.

Although people have said that cats do wander off by themselves I find it very hard to believe that Tex has done that. He was adopted with his brother from the Cats Protection League when they were 10 weeks old and there was never a morning or evening when they weren't keeping me company - that's how affectionate they both are.

They used to stick together much of the time outside as well so I can't imagine Tex leaving his brother Jasper, let alone myself !

I was and still am offering a reward leading to the return of Tex, he is still missed as much as when he first went. Even if someone has taken him in and doesn't want to part with him, just to know he's ok and happy would mean more than most people could ever appreciate, I love him that much!

If Tex had indeed climbed into a car it will need a vigilant lookout throughout the whole of Essex
We know our viewers will help all they can.