Atari is a 7 month old neutered male cat, last seen Sunday, February 13, 2005
in the late evening
in the Winston Avenue area of St.Annes

He is a tortoiseshell tabby cat with a white spot on his nose, white patches on all of his feet & a white tummy and also a white chin & bib
He wears a small red collar with silver, reflective rectangles & a bell.

Atari with my dog Baxter

Atari's mom was a stray when we took her in & when the 3 kittens were born we kept them too.

We all miss Atari very much.
Atari's brother Sega is having trouble sleeping due to missing his snuggle buddy.
My dog is missing his playmate so badly that he waits in our backyard & whimpers
for Atari to come back.

A reward is offered for his safe return
A Poster & Flier
are provided for anyone kind enough to display one.