Simba missing in Sundridge, Kent
This is the best photo we have of Simba at the moment, & although he looks rather cute in his jumper, he was not wearing it when he went missing.

Simba is a Ginger Tom with White feet, White tail tip and White chest.
He is a very young 10 year-old who went missing on the evening of Thursday 24th February, and his collar was found on New Road, Sundridge, Kent on Saturday 26th February, it was covered in mud so had probably been run over a few times.

The little pot with our address in had been separated from the collar, but there was no mistaking it – it was red with diamonds all round it. Though there was no sign of Simba anywhere nearby.

He is an extremely friendly and talkative cat and is often found in people’s homes and garages.

A reward of £200 is being offered for his safe return.

Although Simba's collar was found, it hadn't been undone, has someone tried to hold Simba while undoing the barrel to read his ID, resulting in him slipping his collar and running away ? Was this the result of an accident ?
Could anyone shed any light on this, maybe let us know in which direction he went. 
Also it would be appreciated if everyone in the area could check outbuildings regularly
Did YOU try to detain a cat on New Road between the 24th & 26th Feb.
Any clues are more than welcome, MyMoggy will act as go between if necessary
The poster & flier are provided for anyone who would consider displaying one in a prominent position

Update Jun.05
Please look at this entry we are all hoping that this is one and the same.