Tommy loves the outdoors, maybe stemming from the fact that he was born under a hedge and subsequently 'rescued'
He will either go out after breakfast or after tea, but always when his human goes to shake the string of small bells hanging up in the porch, he will be found sitting on the bench outside or will appear via the summerhouse roof. His human is convinced that if he could, he would come home straight away.

He is an average sized all Black cat , distinctive in that he has a Small Head and No Tail . Although he is friendly and vocal with a distinctive miouw, he is rather timid and whenever he hears an aeroplane coming he will dive for cover - this is quite frequent as he lives rather near to the BAC runways at Warton - maybe this is how he disappeared - possibly running for cover into a shed or garage nearby .

Could all residents in the area please check their outbuildings regularly and help Tommy find his way home ?  We are providing a link to a
Poster or Flier
for those people who wish to help by displaying one in a prominent position.