This is a photo of a cat that I found on the CPL website that is the spitting image of Amber, I hope they don't mind my using this beautiful photo.

She is 7 years old and I got her and her brother Thomas from Mid Cheshire Animal Rescue (Paws Inn) when they were tiny kittens Thomas is missing her and is quite subdued without her.

Its horrible as they just sit and stare at you and you can't explain anything to them
about where they've gone.

Amber is a very pretty cat, and you can tell that she is female. She is very friendly and will miaow and rub round children when they are playing.

She went missing Thursday 28th April, which is the day before the first bank holiday in May. The couple of nights before she went missing she was howling to be let out - I don't let them out over night.  I think she'd found a nest of mice or baby birds that she wanted to get to.

She went out first thing on the Thursday morning in the sunshine and didn't come home for her tea. The weather had been lovely all that week so perhaps she has been shut in somewhere

I have been round all my neighbours with leaflets, put posters up everywhere, checked with all the local vets, animal shelters and CPL in my area. I have posters in bus shelters and in the local shops.

SHe was always in the vicinity and its unlike her to go missing. I have been out calling her every night late on when its quiet, and have taken my dog with me in the hope that Amber will pick up his scent.

I am so upset and so exhausted - I have contacted all the vets, rescue centres, put flyers through doors and posters up - its been a while now and I'm terrified

A Poster and Flier
are provided for anyone wishing to help Amber find her way home if wellwishers could display one in a prominent position it would be greatly appreciated.
Not everyone has an internet connection - could you all make friends and neighbours aware that Amber is missing.