Jayz went missing on the morning of the 1st June in the Cottam area of Preston
He is a Bengal Oriental who has medical and behavioral problems, his owner is desperately worried that if he is taken in by anyone, he will end up on the street again because of this.

He was rescued from a local crusher - greatly malnourished and traumatised.
He has since developed crystals in the bladder for which he needs a special and expensive diet. His behavioral problems include carpet plucking and furniture scratching. He ended up with the environmental health who traced his owners via his microchip - they didn't want him back and so he was rescued by his present humans.

The problem here is that the chip details weren't changed at the time by the previous owners - there could be difficulty in proving that Jayz does indeed own his present humans. The chip has also been known to move around and may be difficult to detect.

Despite this he was very happy with his humans and apart from being trapped or transported had no reason to run away although he was a devil for getting into things being boxes cars vans etc., so therefore a wider area has to be searched.

It would be good to know that all residents in Cottam are keeping a look out for Jayz and that they would consider displaying a poster or flier (coming soon) to that purpose and to inform those who don't have internet access.

Could we also ask all residents of Cottam to search their Outbuildings Thoroughly and Frequently  -  Thankyou