Missing since the 7th May 2005 from the Harvest Bank Road area of Coney Hall, West Wickham.
Ziggy is a chipped & neutered male, 1year old Ginger & White , his back is a lot darker with definate tabby markings (swirls) and the usual Tabby stripes on his head. He also has a White bib, belly and feet and White tip to his tail.

Ziggy is said to be rather a dozy cat who is a devil for getting into cars - and although his owner is doing what she can regarding posters and fliers and scouring the nearby common, she is rather worried that he may now be out of the area.

Ziggy also has a catty companion at home who is missing him dreadfully, she is the same age as him and howled for days when he went missing - now she constantly sits on his cushion by the catflap, waiting for him to come home.


Ziggy joined his human at the age of 4 wks when he was found together with his brother in a pet shop where they were being fed dry biscuits and were suffering from diarrhea, obviously at that age, they had no idea of what to do with hard biscuits - happily the brother was taken home by another human who was equally concerned that they were so young. Ziggy was taken home and weaned and consequently became the human's close companion.

Would all residents in the area please keep a constant watch for Ziggy and Please check Outbuildings Frequently, we will supply a
Poster & Flier
to anyone who would like to help find him.

NB.  Ziggy's human has been investigating the case of the 'cat in the van'  and is satisfied that this cat is not Ziggy