Ollie's human doesn't have any photo's of Ollie, they were stolen along with her phone a while ago. The photo here is of Spike who was found in Blackpool but is very similar to Ollie except that Ollie has more Ginger

Ollie is about 2 years old, short haired Ginger and White, last seen wearing a silver reflective collar. He is mostly Ginger, has vertical Ginger stripes down his tail. He hadn't been neutered when he went missing.

I am sure you get many e-mails and phone calls every day from people searching for their pets, but I am pretty desperate now as it has been so long. I hope you can help.
I have regularly checked all the local cat homes but to no avail. You are my last hope!

Ollie's human also says when comparing Spike (above) to Ollie

" Hi Sue.  Spike's tail is identical to Ollie's.  Ollie is slightly smaller than Spike I would say.  Ollie was more or less like a stripy ginger all over really.  It's very difficult as I don't have a photo anymore as my phone was stolen.  Also Ollie's ears were more prominent than Spike's.  Ollie has a smaller face, quite a thin face.  As far as characteristics go, he is very very friendly.  He gets on well with other cats, always has done.  He miaows a lot, think he likes the sound of his own voice! 
 The circumstances at the time were this.  I moved up to my parents house from South Wales last June 2004 and took Ollie with me.  I have had him since he was 8 weeks old.  However, I went on a trip abroad with a friend for about 4 months, during which time I left Ollie with my parents.  But they said he was always sickening for something.  Quite restless walking round the house.  I honestly believe he was looking for me as I have had him on my own, just the 2 of us, for 2 years and then left him with my family.  They looked after him very well but I think he thought I abandoned him.  That may sound stupid but you know your own cat don't you?  So he went missing roughly around September 2004.  He apparently was last seen heading in the direction of Kirkham town by one of our neighbours. "

Could everyone throughout the Fylde, please keep a lookout for a cat that is similar but more Ginger than Spike (above), has a stray moved into your area or has someone recently acquired a similar cat. I am sure that if Ollie has been rehomed, his human would be relieved to know that he is happy - please let us know
We need to let 'everyone' around the Fylde know about MyMoggy and the cats that are missing, please help by sending for a Moggy Poster and put one in your local vets etc..