not the best of photo's , but good enough to show that Pete is White with a Tabby 'saddle' running down his back, Tabby Tail and a distinctive Tabby Nose.

Pete is a large middle aged neutered male who used to live with an old lady who became ill and later passed away.
Luckily Pete's present human fell for him and he went home with her and settled in from day 1. He had been at his new address at Ingol, Preston for some time before his doting owners felt the time was right for him to explore the great outdoors.
Everything went well until early March - it was a Monday and quite warm when Pete went out and didn't return.
Pete's humans are still actively searching for their friend and would love to find him again or to know what happened to him.
If anyone knows what became of Pete, please let his humans know or if you would be interested in helping to find him, we have a Poster available for display in any prominent position.