This 1year old Male has been
missing since the 16th June from the
Wickham Court Road area of West Wickham
The weather was fine at the time, and there was nothing unusual happening when he went.
Bunker wasn't wearing a collar at the time, nor is he chipped.

Bunker has a distinctive Black Spot just below his bottom lip which is about the size of a penny piece. 

He has a White Parting and long sideburns. He also has a white belly, black tail, white front legs and mainly white back legs

He is not one for wandering and always comes home when he is called.

Please help - his human family are missing him dreadfully

Would everyone in the area Please check Sheds and Garages Frequently
in case Bunker is trapped
We have a Poster available for anyone willing to display one
and so help Bunker find his way home