Yanoush (Yani)

Yani has been missing from the Blythe Road area of Bromley since Wednesday, 8th December 2004, when he went out as usual but failed to return

Reward offered for information leading to Yani's safe return

Yani is a neutered 5 year old Black & White cat, more Black than White. The left side of Yani's whisker area is White with a line going up between his eyes, he is White underneath and has 4 White paws and White whiskers.

Yani's human had recently moved and it is thought that Yani may try to make his way back to his previous home which was in the region of Shortland Railway Station.

Although disabled and without internet access, Yani's human has done everything she possibly can in the search for her companion -terribly upset about the loss of her pet, she now asks for help from the 'MyMoggy fans' hoping that they will all keep a constant lookout for Yani, check Outbuildings Regularly and to display a Poster in a prominent position.