missing from the Cunliffe Road area of Blackpool

Shelley, a 6 yr old 'Fluffy' White cat with a broad band of Tortie (Ginger and Black) markings down her head and back and Green Eyes which are almond shaped one of which looks as though she has borrowed her human's eyeliner - big fluffy Black tail with Ginger flecks in it

She was wearing her Blue collar with diamond shapes on it when she disappeared from her humans back yard on the 24th June 2005

Please ask for a Poster if you would like to help Shelley find her way home

We'd appreciate everyone in the area checking their Sheds and Garages in case she is trapped

There has been a sighting of a cat that seems quite similar around the Torquay and Barmouth avenues of Marton - could everyone please keep a lookout for Shelley in this area