(the fluffy one)
went missing from Moseley Shoals, Parkhall Rd, Somersham on Sunday, 10th July.

He never normally goes out of the garden but on Sunday he never came in for his tea and we haven't seen him since. Despite searching everywhere we can think of

He suffers from a condition that needs regular treatment and we need to get him back as soon as possible.

I am happy to offer a substantial reward to get him back

He is a Sealpoint Ragdoll (creamy coloured long coat with grey/blue face, tail and paws). He's a 10 year old neutered male. He hasn't got a collar as he kept losing them

He's really friendly with us but nervous of strangers - I know he'll be really scared at the moment and I'm desperate to find him.

Raggy lives in the countryside where there are a million & one places to hide or get trapped - he needs everyone to keep a vigilant lookout for him in order to help him find his way home. It would help if everyone could send for a Poster to display in a prominent postition