'Baby' also known as 'Ripple'

Recently rehomed from Cats Paws to the Johnson Rd area of Marton, Baby escaped within a couple of hours when a visitor didn't realise the consequences of leaving a door open

Baby had been paired with 12yr old Cocoa who appears to be missing her friend dearly.

Baby is a 2yr old Tabby and White female who bears a recent spay mark on her left rear side
She is quite small and thin, doesn't wear a collar but is microchipped.

She had been nicknamed Ripple during her stay at Cats Paws bolted across the road and into a neighbours garden. Not having had time to get to know her new owners, she avoided their advances and ran around the back of the property where they lost site of her

There are many alleyways in this area leading to the back of the shops on the corner of Preston New Road / Newhouse Road and it is felt that she may stick around for a while in this area until she gets her bearings.

Baby will be extremely frightened and disorientated, her humans would appreciate anyone who sees her, to contact them immediately. We do have a Poster available for anyone who would like to see Baby return home and would appreciate everyone keeping a close eye on Outbuildings in the area.