has been lost from the Cheviot Avenue area of Lytham.

Could eveyone please check their OUTBUILDINGS Frequently in case she is sheltering there.

It is not unusual for Chloe to go off hunting for a day or two, but to be gone for so long is totally out of character

She is a friendly individual on her terms and can be a little cantankerous now and again

She has one Blue Eye & one Green.  It is generally thought that White cats with Blue eyes are deaf, maybe Chloe's green eye has saved her from this affliction, her hearing could be a little impaired but not enough to hamper her.

Chloe's human's are beside themselves with worry and are doing everything they can to find their furry pal, however they do need as much help as they can get , and would appreciate everyone in the area keeping a look out for Chloe. We do have a POSTER available for anyone able to display one.