Bridget Jones

or BJ, has simply disappeared completely. .

She never strayed too
far and always came back. The last time anyone saw her was a week last Thursday when we had our garden done.
She is our first cat and we are really missing her

It is the first time she has gone missing since we bought her from Easterleigh about 3 ½ years ago.
There are still loads of empty houses on our estate, that they havent sold yet. There is no-one on site today (probably because of the weather). I know that we have told the Sales lady in the show home, but I doubt whether they have searched the empty ones.

BJ's humans certainly need more help with their search, and are hoping that everyone in the area will keep an eye open for their friend. If everyone could Please search any OUTBUILDINGS regularly and keep a watch on EMPTY HOUSES and contact BJ's humans at once with any sightings however slight.  We have a POSTER available for anyone wishing to help BJ find her way home.
BJ's humans have had to move house to Warwickshire, and now are depending on all residents in the Cottam area to keep an eye out for their pet who is still desperately missed. Any information on her whereabouts is welcome