We moved to Lytham from Manchester on 20th July.
Rocky settled in very quickly and was having the time of his life.

We now live on a small farm with 10 acres and he loves it here. He likes to sleep in front of the Aga.
He very early on established his place at the top of the pecking order with the 3 farm cats that live in the barns. On the day we last saw him it was a clear dry evening about dusk. He had climbed up the outside of my son's new tent (as he likes to do) leaving little holes in the fabric! Rocky is a really good climber

He is not afraid of water, and is often to be found chasing the ducks both here and at our old house, so water isn't necessarily a barrier for him.
He's also quite accustomed to traffic as we lived near to a main road before.

He likes to walk round the farm with me when I'm doing any jobs and always stays beside me when we go for a walk in much the same way that a dog would.
Wherever he is on the farm, he comes when I call him, he answers to his name and is very vocal

If he was able to, he would come home.
He must be lost, injured or being kept against his will. He's very loyal.
With living in a rural area, it must be very difficult to imagine in which direction Rocky would have gone. His humans are therefore appealing for everyone in the area to keep a lookout for him.
We do have a POSTER available if anyone could display one in a prominent position.
Reward offered for information leading to his safe return