missing from the Waine Close area of Buckingham
The first night she was missing it was raining heavily - Lily doesn't like the rain so it was unusual she didn't come in that night.

The only unusual thing we know about is - a large imprint of a bird appeared on the window of the door with our cat flap in at about the time she disappeared. A bird must have flown into the door.

You can see in the second picture of Lily that she has a ginger stripe on her forehead - like Harry Potter

We also own Lily's sister who is now enjoying being an only cat - she doesn't seem at all worried about Lily. She is much more friendly than usual - she used to get jealous of Lily.

Our 14 year old son is very worried of course.

Lily's human's are doing so much to find her, but without success so far, they really do need the help of people throughout the area to keep a lookout for Lily.
We do have a Poster available for anyone willing to display one in a prominent position

Also would all residents Please search and keep a constant eye on Outbuildings in case Lily has been trapped