big, black and beautiful, a long haired male who's coat in certain lights could pick up the reddy colour shown in the photographs. He also sports a war wound in the shape of a nick out of the top of his right ear. He was wearing his red collar when he went awol

Missing from the Sandpiper Close area of Herons Reach, Blackpool and last seen sitting in the garden on the Thursday morning the 11th Aug.05

One of his humans at the time was in hospital undergoing an operation and it is thought that maybe Jack had picked up on the worry and tension involved, that together with being left to his own devises for longer periods than normal may have caused him to wander.

Would all residents in the area, please keep a constant lookout for Jack, search Sheds and Garages frequently and contact his humans who are desperately worried about him, with any sighting, however slight. We do have a POSTER for anyone willing to display one in a prominent position.