Pepper's humans are offering a Reward for information leading to the return of their pal Pepper, a chipped female, White with Silver Tabby Markings missing from the Seabourne Avenue area of South Shore, Blackpool...  

Pepper was last seen on the morning of Thursday the 8th September in her human's back garden, she simply disappeared.
Everyone was rather worried about her as it rained heavily later on in the day

Pepper is a loving and friendly cat with small numbers of people however whenever we have had visitors to the house she will usually find a quiet area or go out. She can be moody and has been known to hiss at us when we are only stroking her. This is quite rare though. She definitely prefers 1 to 1 contact and a nice quiet house.

Note the rather distinctive white patch on her right side,

She does often stay out all night, in fact I would say she usually is out most of the night and returns to sleep most of the day.

She is not an only cat, we have a younger cat called Tigger who would follow her around the house (much to her annoyance!) and is missing her very much. He has become very clingy to us since she disappeared and seems to be very unsettled.   

We do have a POSTER for anyone willing to display one.
Could we Please ask all residents of Seabourne Avenue, South Shore and surronding area to Search Sheds and Garages, it is possible that during the heavy rain, she could have sheltered and subsequently become trapped.