Missing since the morning of the 16th September from the Polperro Drive in Freckleton.

We let him out at 5.30am but he did not return as usual before we went to work. I think the weather was alright He usually goes out at night and is always waiting for his breakfast in the morning outside the kitchen door.

Jaffa is a large ginger and white long haired male with three ginger spots on the back of his neck. He has a pink nose, a fox type of face and a bushy ginger tail with a white tip. He is about 8 years old, we have had him for about seven years. He has a very small pink nodule of skin on his neck from an operation some years ago I am not sure which side.

He is a very friendly cat and would go in someones house if a door was left open. He has a distinctive voice and often sounds like he is trying to talk to you. He lives with Oliver a male cat. Jaffa likes to brawl with him occasionally and will eat his food if not watched but they get on well generally.

If I am not mistaken, the weather recently has been rather unsettled with cooler nights setting in. It could be that Jaffa has sought shelter over night in a neighbouring shed or garage and got himself trapped. Therefore would everyone in the area of Polperro Drive, Freckleton , Please search outbuildings frequently, in the hopes of finding Jaffa and helping him find his way home. We do have a POSTER available to anyone willing to display one in a prominent position.