Monty b.1996

Missing since 2001
from Dalton in Rotherham

He was neutered and a very tall lanky all black cat, very quiet meow almost like a kitten.  He came to live with me in March 2000 from my mother's who lived a few blocks away, he eventually found his way back to my mum's and after a while I left him there.

In May 2001  my mother went into hospital and it was eventually decided that she would go into a nursing home

Her two cats Sooty and Monty came to live with me, Monty seemed to settle, he still went back to my mum's in the morning (her neighbours told me) but was always back for tea.

Before he disappeared he was missing for almost a week, then just turned up, two weeks later he was gone,

I still stop and take a closer look when I see a black cat just in case it's him and I think I always will. 
If I knew he was happy and well cared for, I would definitely leave him where he is, he has been gone far to long to be forced to come back, I don't think he would fit in with the others,

All I've ever wanted is to know he is alive and well.

I would like to see him again and say goodbye and would pass on his identichip documents, it's the not knowing that's the worst.

It certainly seems as though Monty was 'at home' in this particular area of Dalton,
and maybe not living too far away. 
He was chipped, the last 4 digits of his registration number being 4430.  
If you have had a Black cat move in with you, at the time wearing a silver reflective flea collar, please contact either his owner or MyMoggy in order to arrange the transfer of registration details.