is a Black and white male, 6 years old, neutered, escaped from his basket during a trip to the vet.

Mainly black but with White whiskers, distinctive White blaze down the side of his nose to just below mouth, White bib, tummy and paws.

We were in the vet's car park - Meopham Veterinary Surgery on Wrotham Road, Meopham (top end near to Culverstone) about 2 miles from home , just about to go in, when he escaped from his basket.

He had been going berserk in the car trying to get out and I can't explain how he managed to undo the catches, but it may be that I hadn't done them up properly

He ran into some undergrowth at the edge of the car park and then disappeared into it. It's a great tangle in there and almost impenetrable.

He's quite timid and not a very 'talkative' cat except when excited about his morning treat and then he squeaks.

He's frightened of strangers but
got on well with my other two cats - very wisely showing respect for the eldest 'top cat', and loved to play with the other one.
Not aggressive in the least.
Could anyone help Jasper and his humans by displaying a POSTER in a prominent position, they could certainly do with some help here. Also would all residents throughtout the area Please search Sheds / Garages and Outbuildings Frequently, Jasper is going to have to shelter somewhere - he could be in yours...