We are very worried, his companion cat is inconsolable, and we want to absolutely anything to get him back or at least know what happened.

He is a 14 year old cat who does not know the area as he spends most of his days indoors or in an enclosed courtyard. He is very timid, easily panicked and frightened of strangers.

He was possibly seen on the night he went missing outside the next door neighbour’s house and a week later maybe in a nearby parking area.
He recently had skin cancer on his nose which was successfully treated but it has left the front patch of his nose bare and pink. He is quite large and was slightly overweight although he could be quite slender now. He used to weigh about 7kg.

We are desperate to find him, especially as it is getting colder and wetter. He has come here all the way from South Africa and has survived cancer and deserves a quiet and safe old age.

Finding a cat that is scared of his own shadow can be quite difficult - therefore Stinky's humans could do with all the help they can get from residents in the York Road and surrounding areas of King's Lynn and any information would be very welcome..   Please would you all Search Frequently and Thoroughly your Sheds Garages and Gardens

We do have a POSTER available for anyone willing to display one.