A 2yr old Felix lookalike missing since the 7th September, from the Pilling Avenue area of Ansdell, St.Annes.
A slim athletic cat whose favourite game was to jump out of the bushes  onto the head of his devoted doggy pal Bruno

Bruno is missing Fergus terribly and spends much of his time nowadays simply standing out in the garden, waiting for Furgus to jump out at him

Fergus moved with his family to Ansdell last July - before which he used to live at Clover Avenue although doubtful, it is possible that he may be making his way back to his old home.
It is about time we asked everyone in the area to help look out for Fergus.
Please everyone, Search your Sheds and Garages Frequently in case he has taken to hiding in yours. We do have a POSTER available for anyone wishing to help in the search for him