Mitz has been missing since Monday 24th October 2005, his name is Mittens/Mitz and this is very very out of character for him

He is a black 9 year old male short haired domestic cat, he has three white paws and a black toe on the fourth foot, he has a white patch just under his chin that forms a triangle with the tip of the triangle pointing down to his breast bone.
He is very
affectionate and loves cuddles. Up until about two years ago he was very much an outdoor cat and was wary of people but somehow he got a personality change and became the complete opposite, preferred to spend his time indoors, usually on one of our knees but still preferred to go out hunting of an evening

We are appealing to all residents in the area of Kennel Lane and of Sandiway to keep an eye open for Mitz. Please everyone search Outbuildings Frequently in the hopes of finding him.  We have a POSTER available to anyone who would like to help in the search.