Zak is a 6 year old ginger neutered male he is chipped although my vet sometimes finds it hard to locate the chip but it is there!

He went missing from the Ford Avenue area of North Wootton in King's Lynn Norfolk on Monday September 26th

He is a true hunter and will kill anything with feathers or fur he has brought home both alive and dead rabbits, partridges, rats bats frogs to name but a few.

He knows every blade of grass in this area and that is why it's so baffling that he's gone missing.

He's very inquisitive and will go through any open door so he could have got into a car or van and be somewhere else by now.

I'm desperate to find him and will try anything.
There is a £100 reward for his safe return.
I will be grateful for ANY information as to his whereabouts good or bad

Zak's humans would appreciate it if everyone in North Wootton would Please check Sheds and Garages in case Zak has been trapped.
We do have a POSTER available to anyone wishing to help in the search.