Smoky is a tall, slim, athletic grey male cat with green eyes. He has been neutered but not micro-chipped and he is unlikely to have a collar. He has a white chest and white feet and grey swirls on each side of his body.
We recently moved from a home in the countryside in Droitwich to a main road in the city of Worcester and re-homed him with a friend who had just moved to the countryside, Kempsey in Worcester.
He stayed with his new family for about three days and then disappeared for three days. He came back and stayed another three days and has not come back since.

He is fiercely independent and spent little time at home although he does like being made a fuss of. He spends most of the day asleep and hunts at night.

He is a well cat but occasionally suffers a little from an old RTA injury - a broken pelvis - which makes him walk with a slight limp. He is a particularly panther-like looking cat and even walks like one.

He is likely to stay away from people. His new owners have been calling and explaining the circumstances to neighbours and others in the village.

It definately seems that Smoky's new owners need a little help in finding him - Could all residents of Kempsey Please keep a lookout for Smokey, search Outbuildings regularly and notify his owners with any information. With having an old RTA injury, and not being used to the area, he will be looking for somewhere warm to shelter - Is he using Your Outbuildings ?
It is a possibility that he may be trying to get back to his old home in Droitwich.