Max had too much going for him at home for him to want to pack his bags and leave.

Intensly loyal to his family, but not a pleasant cat to those who didn't know him - he was a biggish cat who was known to yowl rather than miouw for attention.

The day he went awol - would have seemed rather unsettling for a cat of his particular habits - lots going on in his neighbourhood, for a start his human's were having a new kitchen fitted - lots of banging that left him unwilling to risk entering the house, various neighbours also seemed to have chosen the same time to have workmen in doing various things such as new windows etc.. All of which could have caused him to seek a more peaceful spot to spend his time.

He was the dominant one of two, and loved lording it over his companion Rosy once he had completed his daily timetable of regular patrols of his territory . He was always home for tea at around 6pm and then used to settle down for the evening with his human's.

His humans are wondering whether Max could possibly have left the area in a workmans van and if anyone out there can offer any information regarding this, they appreciate being contacted.
It would be appreciated if everyone in the vicinity of The Boulevard would search Outbuildings and keep a look out for Max. We will soon have a POSTER available to anyone willing to display one.