Bertie's a very fluffy grey with a white chest and paws. He's about 5 years old and neutered and belongs to my parents in West Wales

He did not have his collar on when he went awol. He normally wants to go in and out of the house all the time and on this occasion he apparently seemed quite 'edgy' and unsettled and was very keen to be let out in the late evening.

As far as I know the weather was quite mild and dry.

My parents were going on holiday the day after his disappearance and so my sister went to stay for the week in case he returned and no one was around.
His sister was taken to the cattery to stay the day after he disappeared. Since Bertie went missing she has been considerably more affectionate than usual and doesn't stay out as late. Bertie is fairly sociable but independent and would very rarely stay out all night.

Could we Please ask all residents in and around Pen-y-Bont to pass the word and keep a lookout for Bertie - He could be trapped in a Garage or Shed and would need all neighbours to search theirs in the hopes of finding him. We do have a POSTER available if anyone would like to help by displaying one in a prominent position.