Murphy our cat went missing just over 2 weeks ago (Saturday 12th November) in the Ettiley Heath area of Sandbach

He is Called Murphy and is 15-16month old tabby, (like the whiskers cat). He has no white on him just the standard beige with dark brown tiger stripes. He has brown spots on his stomach (as you can see from the picture), and is lighter under his chin. He has been neutered, but is not microchipped, and did not have his new collar on as we'd just gone out to buy a new one. When we came back he didn't show up, and hasn't been seen since. The weather was fine that day but since then it has been very cold and we’ve had snow fall.

He has a number of different habits, namely he won’t eat any other cat food other than whiskers in gravy, he pads all the time as soon as he climbs on your lap and will not stop for a couple of minutes some times. If you pick him up he always has to move so that he is over your left shoulder and as you can see from the picture likes to lie at full stretch showing his stomach.
There is a Reward offered for information leading to Murphy's safe return
Family out shopping, cold weather, no feedback - all points towards Murphy being trapped in a neighbouring shed or garage - Could All residents of the Ettiley Heath area of Sandbach - Please Search and keep an eye on your Outbuildings in the hopes of finding Murphy. If he isn't trapped then he will be seeking shelter during this cold spell.
We do have a POSTER available for anyone wishing to help Murphy's humans in the search