Peggy is seventeen years old, she was rescued from a farm when we lived at Much Hoole near Preston, the farmer didn't think that she would survive and was about to drown her when Pauline called for some eggs. She came home with eggs and Peggy. Peggy was almost five weeks old at that time.

In those days when Pauline was doing any housework she always wore a tabard with big pockets and Peggy would snuggle into the pockets and go to sleep whilst Pauline was doing the housework. Peggy has travelled all over the country with us when I have moved to different locations with my job, sometimes for a few weeks other times for several months. She has been a good surrogate mother to other cats that we have had and has brought up our other two cats Amber and Connie. She has also managed to keep our latest addition Monty a cross labrador puppy in order. 

We came back from holiday in Egypt on Friday night and picked Peggy, Amber and Connie up from the cattery on Saturday morning. As always Peggy was the first one to go out when we got home and although she very rarely went further than the garden she went in and out several times on Saturday. She had her tea as always and was around, in the house at about 8 o' clock on Saturday night. The front door had been open for one of the dogs to go into the garden and about 10:30pm we realised that Peggy was not in her usual place - asleep on the back of the settee in the conservatory. We have not seen her since. Peggy is blind in one eye, is epileptic and has developed a bit of a bad temper over the last twelve months but we put this down to her age.

She is, however, the most loving of cats and quite happily sits on our knees for hours at a time. She is also quite happy to fight for a place on the bed at night.
At 17 years of age, Peggy may just need a little help from her friends and neighbours in order to find her way home. Could everyone in the vicinity of Redeswood Avenue, Anchorsholme Please Search Sheds and Garages and all nooks and crannies where a cat may possibly hide - Peggy needs constant monitoring for her epilepsy and so needs to be found quickly
Would you display one of Peggy's POSTERS in a prominent position