Groucho is 19 months old, microchipped and neutered, is half Bengal - Brown/Bronze with spots and looks like a small leopard.

He is very good at looking after himself and is extremely attentive when he is out in the garden. I do in fact have his two brothers and sister - and I am always having parts of dead animals brought into the house and in fact despite being offered the most expensive food on the market they very rarely eat much from their dinner bowls.

He and his brother have been great hunters over the summer months often disappearing for up to a week at a time - leaving me going crazy with worry but they have always turned up until now. .
His brother is still looking very miserable as they were inseparable.

We live in Ticehurst, East Sussex and back onto open fields and woods a long way from the road.
People in the village keep stopping me to ask if there is any news so it is well known that he is missing.

Groucho loves people, is very affectionate and loves walking round the horses fields with us

The day he disappeared it was warm and dry with lots of rabbits and pheasants in the fields nearby

and I have been reading lots of messages re missing pets and now have tears running down my face as I miss Groucho so much.

Could we ask all residents of Ticehurst and the surrounding areas to keep a lookout for Groucho when out and about - Please Search Outbuildings in case he is trapped and keep a close watch on them, as the weather gets colder, Groucho will be looking for somewhere to shelter.
Please also send for a POSTER and display it in a prominent position.