Baby, went missing from Westmorland ave in Blackpool on the 15th of October. She is eight and a half years old, and spayed, half siamese and completely black.

She was wearing a faded red collar with a bell and a magnetic mouse for the catflap in our previous house.
We had just moved to this address 3 days before she went missing.

We let her out to do her 'business' along with our other cat and only Munchkin came back after about 20 minutes.
She hasn't returned to the old house and people might recognise her as she is half siamese and will look different to the normal black cat and although she is quite shy of people she is very streetwise and quite vocal, as most siamese are.

If anyone thinks they may have seen Baby, could they please contact her humans.
She could have sought shelter in Your Garage or Shed during the recent cold spell - Please check them regularly and keep a lookout for her. If anyone is willing to display one, please also send for a POSTER