Snowdrop is mainly white with ginger patches on her body, ginger ears and top of head, ginger striped tail. She has a nick in her left ear and is
wearing a red collar but no name tag.
Sex: girl. Unsure if spayed (not by us)
She jumped out of our camper on Friday afternoon at about 2.30 pm on 4 November 2005, as my partner had just visited Victoria Hospital and did not know she was in the van.
She was last seen by us running down North Park Drive on 4 November from 8 pm until 2am on 5 November 2005, as she responded to our calls initially but ran off after we tried to pick her up.

We would love to have her back as her little brother Sparkles is missing her.

Snowdrop is very timid and was very scared when we saw her last.

Would everyone in the North Park Drive / Whinney Heys and Newton Drive areas of Blackpool Please keep a look out for Snowdrop - Search Garages and Sheds and keep watch as she will be looking for shelter by now. We do have a POSTER available to anyone willing to display one.