Alfie is mainly tabby in colour. He has very prominent (Classic) stripes down his back, white socks, white bib, white stripe between his nose, white belly, pink nose, unusually large ears.

He is male, microchipped and he was wearing a staywell collar with a little mouse magnet.

He went missing on the 7th December 2005, for no apparent reason, he just hasn't come home since. We haven't moved recently or anythinng unusual. To my knowledge nothing unusual was happening in our area. I have spoken to all of my neighbours and they didn't notice anything unusual.

He was in perfect health although, he had some marks on his nose from a recent fight with a neighbouring cat. There are lots of cats in our area, and he is new to the neighbourhood and I guessed that he was trying to forge his territory. (We bought them as kittens in January)

He is a real home boy, he used to spend most of his time upside down on his bed. He used to be really silly around the house, very kitten like. He used to "suck" blankets and pad them a lot. He is quite vocal, he snores when he sleeps, chirrups when he jumps, meows when he comes home.

Please would everyone in the vicinity of  Crabtree Lane Search Garages and Sheds - keep a lookout for Alfie as his humans are so upset at his loss.
We have a POSTER available for anyone willing to help by displaying one in a prominent position.