Dyllan is mainly white with a black tail and a black left ear as you look at him from the front. He has a small black spot on his nose, a black spot on his tummy and a black spot on his back. He is male, he was wearing a black leather collar that has small silver fish on it.
He is small for his size and does look very 'kitten like', a very appealing look.

Dyllan is super friendly toward myself and my partner but he is very cautious around strange people, he usually hides behind the sofa if my family come round. He likes to eat- A LOT. He has a bit of a tummy on him.

He is allowed outside when he wants via the cat flap and often goes away for 3- 4 days at a time. The longest he was away previous to this was 9 days.

He was last seen on Boxing Day morning leaving the house. When I came back from my mum and dads that night he was gone so he left between 12noon and 10pm. We live on a row of terrace houses and so cats can move around easily via the walled gardens.

Some houses are being demolished at the end of the street near me but that has been going on a few months and no work was taking place over Christmas.

Please could everyone in or around the vicinity of Childers Street, Hyde Park, Doncaster Search Outbuildings etc., and keep a close watch on them in the hopes of finding Dyllan. We do have a POSTER available to all who wish to help in the search.