Rosie missing since Wednesday the 4th Of January 2006
Female, brown, tabby cat with black stripes.

She has a white mouth/chin and is a lighter shade of brown on her underbelly, with beautiful black markings.

Rosie is 18 months old, she is also microchipped however, the microchip was not placed deep enough and may be difficult to locate or have worked its way out.

Nelix our much loved other cat is missing her very much. Rosie is a special cat because I hand reared her due to her mother not being able to care for her kittens. (Nelix helped also)

Maybe shy with strangers, has been known to hide at home (usually from the hoover, which she doesn't like at all)

Reward offered for information leading to safe return

So Please could you check your Garages and Sheds in the FY4 area of Blackpool.
We do have a POSTER available
Please send for one and display it in a prominent position if you wish to help find Rosie