Saffron my cat has gone missing.

I live in Welwyn Garden City and she has been missing for a week and a day, (1st Feb.06) and was some time during the night.
I know for some cats this isn't long but we have only had her about a month as we got her from the Blue Cross Animal Shelter in Kimpton and she doesn't know the area that well.

She is a striped tabby and she's 9 mths old, she doesn't have a collar on, that disappeared the night before she went missing.

She has a shaved patch on her left side where she has been done. She is also micro chipped.

She is a very friendly cat and I am worried some one might have taken her in thinking she is a stray, I miss her a great deal and am willing to pay a Reward.

She has a soppy nature that loves attention but doesn't get on with other cats and will hiss at the toms that are twice her size in the street!


It was a cold and frosty night when Saffron went missing, There was also building work going on nearby - she could have either found somewhere cosy for a nap or been a little too advenurous around the building site and subsequently become trapped.  Saffron's human is desperate for any news whatsoever and asks Everone in the vicinity of Elliott Close and the surrounding areas to keep a lookout for her pet.
Please search Sheds and Garages Thoroughly and often - MyMoggy has a POSTER if anyone cares to display one to help Saffron find her way home.