This is Marley around a month after he came to us.


Marleys history:
Marley has been with us since he was 10 weeks old after we had put an advert online offering a loving home to a kitten or young cat. It turns out that Marley was rescued along with his brother, these little chaps were left to fend for themselves in a garden shed where a Staffy dog was roaming around in the garden.
Marley took a little time to settle in but it was helped by all his personal things and his little blanket that came with Marley. In no time he was settled in and he took to me really well. Every little thing he did he made sure I was the 1st to share it with, his 1st meow, 1st face to face, 1st play, 1st purr and so on, We we very attached, he would follow me everywhere, come running to me when he heard me wake up, even lay on the bath mat beside me while I have a bath, I guess he had a lot of trust in me.
Marley is descibed as:
14-15 months old, he is of a lean build with fairly large ears, he is black and white (more white than black), with 2 little black nostrels, a black patch on his chin, facial wise very much like the Felix cat, black patches on his back legs, one or two patches on his front legs, sides and a black tail with the odd fleck of white. Marley is nervous around strangers and takes to females more rather than males.  
Marley does have distinctive back legs, we think he was perhaps born with a weakness in them perhaps an abnormality they bow inwards like a pair of bananas or like these brackets ------->  )(
Marley at around 10 months old
The week before Marley went missing:
Marley had been going out as normal for a sniff around and to socialise with a few cats that hang around here. He prefered to go out in the mornings and in the evenings to have a nose around, he never really ventured that far as he was nervous outside and very wary of sounds aproaching his direction. Nothing really changed in his pattern of going out until he was recently neutured where he had to be kept in door till he had his post op.
Marley was neutured on Friday the 3rd of February, the op went well, no complications, he was just a little dosey from the anaesthetic. In the evening when the anaesthetic had worn off Marley was acting rather delirious with his toy mouse but was generally well in his self, even going up to my husband and our two children to have a chin rub and an ear itch. Over the days before his pre op he was fine but was meowing, talking to a couple of cats through the window and scratching on the glass to join his friends outside.

Marley around 10 - 11 months

The night Marley didn't come back:
Wednesday the 8th of February Marley went out and stayed out for longer than normal, two other cats where near him a black male (very young) and a tabby (female I think, very pretty face). Eventually Marley came back in the window, I think he had been fighting or perhaps seen a dog (His tail was bushed up and his back arched) Then he shot back out again and was out for a while.
As it was getting late and Marley had never spent overnight outdoors so my husband went out looking for him. Eventually my husband found him, (around 11pm) Marley must have heard a noise that forced him to hide between a drainpipe and building (Foxtor Close, next to the block of maisonettes we live in), his head was jammed. My husband pull the drainpipe away from the wall so Marley could free his head. My husband went to grab him but Marley darted off, according to my husband Marley was pretty freaked out. He was heading in the direction of Crownhill from Westpark.
We were out looking for him until 1:30pm but failed to find him.
The following day:
The next morning we all took a walk around Westpark, Honicknowle, the woods surrounding our area and looked in the direction of Crownhill too but there were road works being done so we thought it pointless to look beyond this point as the noise of heavy duty drill would have scared him off. We searched and searched but sadly Marley was still missing.
Would everyone in the areas surrounding Haytor Close and towards Crownhill, Please keep an eye open for Marley and Search Outbuildings Frequently in case he is sheltering in Yours. We have a POSTER available to anyone willing to display one.