Giggsy can best be described as a barred tabby who was neutered as a kitten and is slightly overweight, he is also a VERY friendly cat who will not shy away from anyone.
He has lighter colouring under the chin and has 2 white front paws.

Two months I moved both my cats to my partners house at Harrison St Blackpool, they were kept as house cats and all was well until two weeks ago as putting the bins out Giggsy shot out of the door and that was the last we saw of him.

It is hoped that all Residents in the area of Harrison Street and the surrounding areas will keep a lookout for Giggsy - Please search Sheds and Garages frequently and often.

Giggsy is not used to his surroundings and will be totally disorientated. His companion cat is distressed without him as are his humans.

A REWARD is offered for information leading to his safe return

Please send for Giggsy's POSTER and do what you can to help Giggsy home - Display one in a prominent position. If neighbours would put one in the back window of cars , it would help a great deal.