Harry is bigger now at 8mths, my photo's were deleted accidentally from my camera.

Silver with black stripes - Mid length fluffy hair - White Bib and Boots - Enormous Fluffy tail (racoon like) and sad eyes look and the softest and most beautiful looking cat I have ever had the priviliage to own. Looks like a pedigree but isn't as far as I know.

He went missing on the 23rd February and hasn't been seen since.

He very, very soft and in need of lots of love and affection - a definiate lap cat.
Quite a greedy one too, always on the worktop scavenging for food.

His brothers and 2 other companion cats are missing him terribly - as we are...

Harry has the most gorgeous face, he's eyes look watery and sad, although he is anything but sad, he has two brother to play with and is adored by all the family especially me. He rubs his head against mine so I can cuddle and kiss him. He is so soft and loving and we desperately want him home again so we can spoil him.
We need Everyone in the Midgeland Road area to help look for Harry - Will YOU help Please.
Search your Sheds and Garages Thoroughly and Frequently, Keep a constant lookout for him. Remember that he is now a little bigger than in the above photo. Send for his POSTER and display it in a prominent position.