Weasel was originally found in a bin bag put out for the binmen. She is a medium build podgy little cat, and extremely loving with great yellow saucer like eyes.

She loved children, they were always picking her up for a cuddle and she would wait for them going past.

She was an outdoor cat, enjoyed being out and her human is rather worried that she may have been taken in locally, as this isn't the first time she has gone missing - the first time, she came back wearing a collar.

Weasel has 2 companion cats , both of whom are missing her desperately as is her human who is walking the streets continuously in the bid to find his furry friend

Could You help us find Weasel - Please send for her POSTER and display it in a prominent position.  Also it would be greatly appreciated if everyone in the area would Please Search all Outbuildings in case she is trapped...