Please help us find Clyde, he is a rescue cat that I have just adopted. He is 4 years old, with white paws, chest and tummy and has been neutered.

He was lost from a layby on the A38 2 miles before Ivybridge near Filham. He is more of an indoor cat so we are worried for his safety. He can be vocal but may be silently hiding because he is scared.

No-one has spotted him yet as he may still be too scared to come out.
He comes from Bristol originally and he's now an hour and a half away from his original home in a strange place and outdoors. Unfortunately he's not chipped and doesn't have a collar on.

The bad thing is that he was collected by a friend so he doesn't know me at all, so even though I've been back to where he was lost and call for him does he have much incentive to actually come to me?
Any information Please will be appreciated, there is a REWARD offered for information leading to Clyde's safe return. We hope that everyone in the area will keep a look out for him, and to keep watch on all outbuildings.  Please also send for his POSTER and display it in a prominent position

Good news-Clyde was spotted last night at 9;30 in a field about a mile and a half from the layby in a hamlet called Peek Mill on the back road from Ivybridge to Ugborough. A local boy saw him this afternoon near a farm with lots of cats, I talked to the farmer tonight and he leaves food out anyway for all the feral farm cats. Donna from the CPL came out too tonight with the cat traps but we weren't sure where to put them out, he's moving around a bit and she reckons the best thing to do is wait for a definite sighting then head straight out with the traps. We gave out more posters and everyone in the hamlet knows who he is, so now I guess its just a matter of time.

Clyde he's still on the same side of the A38, where he's been seen is only a mile or two west of where he was originally lost but now he's right on the edge of Ivybridge town. Filham Park separates the place where he was originally lost on the east and Ivybridge town is on the west side. Ironically he was spotted next to Filham vets surgery and there's a big housing estate a couple of hundred yards from that.
Any information of further sightings of Clyde would be appreciated